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New Worlds Update
We have updated our scripts with the new merged worlds and also added small features in the active wars section. These features will be detailed soon along with new sections in the website.
Posted on August 18 2014
New Features
Today we added 2 new small features:

· Our Loot Stats will now show the Gold Value Per Kill of every creature.
The gold value per kill is an equation of the average value dropped by a creature. For example, if a creature drops a tower shield every 10 kills (valued at 8000 gold), that means the gold value per kill will sum 800 gold to that creature.
Please note that items are only valued if they have an NPC price, rares and other items that cannot be sold to NPCs are not counted.
We believe this feature will help you decide whether a creature is profitable for you depending on the difficulty and supplies it takes you to kill it.

· In the right side menu you will now be able to easily check in which city Rashid is today. The city will be automatically updated after every server save.

Posted on April 27 2014
Creature Loot Stats
Another new feature has been released, we added Creature Loot Stats, so from now on you will be able to check statistics such as:

· Total Looted items in a certain amount of killed creatures.
· Loot Chance of each item dropped by a specific creature.
· Kills to Loot an specific item from a creature.

We will be continuously adding loot stats to all creatures so do not worry if there are missing creatures or a low amount of killed creatures, all stats will be more accurate as time passes.
Posted on April 21 2014
TibiaWarZone Features
Here is a small list of the war related features we offer:

· Active Guild Wars will be automatically added everyday a few minutes after the server save.
· Frags of active guild wars will be updated every hour, so you can follow all wars in real time.
· Guild Wars History will show you stats of wars that already ended.
· Online Vip List lets you create different lists in different worlds in which you can add a single player or an entire guild with a few clicks (you need to be registered to use it).

As of today you can track Players of active guild wars with information such as:

· Vocation.
· Level and Level Difference during the war.
· Kills count (only the ones related to that specific war).
· Assists count (only the ones related to that specific war).
· Deaths count (only the ones related to that specific war).
· Players who left the war while it was still active will be marked as "Chickens", this is only meant to be a funny detail and not as an insult to those players.

We are working on a lot more features which will be coming soon.
Posted on April 15 2014
Welcome to TibiaWarZone!
We are looking for staff members who could help us making news, taking screenshots and posting videos about interesting wars.

If you are interested please let us know by sending an email to
Posted on April 10 2014
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